Dave Grohl's dream to drum for his daughter is so pure and perfect

If the Grohl family band ever becomes a thing, we're here for it
Dave Grohl
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Dave Grohl has played the biggest stages, most iconic venues, and collaborated with superstar artists. If you think he’s checked everything off his bucket list and doesn’t hold grand dreams, think again.

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Ahead of the release of the Foo Fighters upcoming album Medicine At Midnight, Grohl was interviewed by the BBC and spoke about the involvement his 14-year-old daughter Violet Grohl had on the record. Her work on the album wasn’t a planned thing, it happened because she would hang out at the “funky old house” in California where the Foos were recording.

“At around two or three o’clock [every day] I would take a break and go pick her up from school,” Grohl said. “Sometimes she’d want to come back to the house and she’d sit on the couch and do her homework.”

“One day, [producer] Greg Kurstin said: ‘Hey Violet, would you like to do a back-up vocal?’ And she got behind the microphone, she did a few takes and on the chorus of ‘Making A Fire’, that’s Violet’s high vocal in there.”

Dave also shared a funny anecdote about her involvement that offers a bit of a sneak peek into the business of a major rock band. "It seemed very natural,” Dave said of Violet’s work in the studio, “[but] it didn't seem official until my accountant called a few months ago and asked where she should deposit Violet's check.”

"And I said, 'What are you talking about?' She said, 'Well, she sang on the album so she has to be paid for playing on the record.' And I said, 'You can take that money and give it to me, and I'll put it in an account for Violet that she can open when she's 18 years old!'"

That brings us to Dave’s future ambitions. More than anything, his dream is to keep music in the family. “Violet is an incredibly talented musician,” he said. “She can pick up an instrument and learn it within a week. She has perfect pitch and sings from her gut. And she's well aware that she's the best vocalist in the Grohl family.”

"To be her drummer is one of my life dreams,” he added.

If there’s ever a day a Grohl family record gets put out, we’re here for it.

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