Man hospitalized with COVID-19 claims wife's voice pulled him out of coma: 'She's my angel'


True love is the best medicine.

A man who spent more than two months in the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 credits his wife’s voice with getting him out of a coma and on the road to recovery.

Don Gillmer, 43, tested positive for COVID-19 in July.

Four days later, he started coughing and struggling to breathe. He was hospitalized for a duration of 63 days.

“I received convalescent plasma twice, Remdesevir. Nothing was working. Nothing was helping me recover, so I’ll really never forget when they came in with papers I needed to sign to go on a ventilator. That scared me,” Gillmer told WRDW.

As his temperature spiked and reached 104 degrees, doctors placed him in a medically-induced coma.

Fearing he wouldn’t make it through the night, his wife, Lacy Gillmer, rushed to be by his side.

Gillmer says hearing her voice encouraged him to hold on and keep fighting.

"I just told him that he was doing great, that they were taking such good care of him. He was in amazing hands," she told the outlet.

"I swear I heard her, [I] swear I heard her voice, and by the time she left [the hospital], I was stable. She’s my angel. She’s the reason I’m here," he said.

Gillmer was finally discharged on September 11, roughly two months after being admitted.

However, the road to recovery has been lengthy as he’s attending physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

He credits his wife for giving him the strength to get better.

"I think about her drive to the hospital the night they told her that I may not make it,” he said, adding. "You know, can't imagine that, so tell her often, I don't know that I could have been as strong as her."

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