Dentists in California are cleared to administer coronavirus vaccines

Photo credit Bojan89/Getty Images
By 106.5 The End

Dentists in California have been cleared to administer coronavirus vaccines. 

According to Fox 40, Dentists in California can now give people the shot in an effort to speed up the process of vaccinating Californians. 

The emergency waiver was approved on Monday, allowing 36,000 dentists to give the shots. 

Dr. Daniel Chen told Fox 40, "As dentists, I think we are fully qualified to administer these vaccination shots. We already give injections in hand to reach places in the mouth, so giving a shot in the arm shouldn't be a big deal. As medical professionals, we can recognize signs of allergic reaction, so us being able to recognize that and be able to know how to respond I think is crucial." 

Dentists administering the vaccine shots will be required to complete a four-hour online training course from the CDC on how to give the shot, and they may be administering vaccines as early as next week. 

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