This is what Mercury Retrograde means and why you should care

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By 106.5 The End

Three to four times a year, Mercury turns retrograde and all astrology nerds freak out over this "disastrous" alignment in the stars. But is it really that bad, and should people care? 

My quick and honest answer to that: no, and no. Not really. 

As an astrology nerd myself, I'll say that the bottom line is that you should not let something like this dictate your life and your decisions. However, knowing what Mercury Retrograde is, what it does, and how you can use it to make decisions or react to certain situations during the retrograde period is super helpful. I've certainly done things during Mercuy Retrograde that I probably shouldn't have, but given the nature of the situations at hand, I couldn't avoid things like signing contracts, moving, etc. 
Real quick, let's get real here. In terms of astronomy, which is science based, Mercury does in fact go retrograde and astronomers refer to the phenomenon as "apparent retrograde motion," via Farmers' Almanac. Other planets experience this "apparent retrograde motion" on their own schedules, based on how long it takes to orbit the sun, etc. 
When you throw astrology into the mix, that's where you cross the line of caring what Mercury Retrograde does, how it affects your life and mood. 

Mercury traditionally rules all forms of communication, which can include intimate conversations we have with one another, arguments, signing contracts, buying a house (contracts), getting married (again, contracts!), technology, transportation, etc. Anything that needs electricity will be affected because it involves communication of its own sort. 

When Mercury slows down into its retrograde phase, intentions and messages can be taken the wrong way, you may feel heavier emotions trying to resolve issues with your partner, emails can get lost, computers can crash, your car may break down, etc. There's no way of telling exactly what will happen, and honestly, you may not experience any of these to an extreme degree (only minor complications). 

I've personally experienced every Mercury Retrograde a little bit differently. Sometimes I experience it more in my relationships with others, and other times I mainly experience technical difficulties with my computer or phone. 

Here's why this period of Mercury Retrograde is a little concerning to myself as well as astrologers: Mercury will turn direct on November 3, election day. 

Typically, the first and last day of Mercury Retrograde are the strongest. With ballots being mailed out during this retrograde period, things are expected to be delayed. USPS is already anticipating this, but throwing astrology into the mix, if you believe in all of this, is a little bit nerve racking because *ahem* communication. So, vote early!!!!!!!!!!!! And make sure you fill out your ballot correctly! (If you have no idea how to vote or where to vote, please go HERE to get all the voting resources you'll need for the election on November 3, 2020.) has several recommendations on what you should and shouldn't do during Mercury Retrograde. These are a few of them. 
  • DO be flexible, adaptable, and patient. 
  • DO keep yourself updated on potential travel delays if you'll be flying or driving anywhere. 
  • DO take care of your car and make sure it's running smoothly. Don't ignore that check engine light, and get an oil change if you're due! 
  • DON'T isolate yourself. Allow yourself to feel whatever it is you're feeling, and talk to a friend or professional if you need some help. 
  • DON'T have unrealistic expectations. During this time, and honestly at any time, things may not go your way. Slow down and have realistic expectations of people and situations, and things will likely turn out better than if you narrow your focus. 
  • DON'T set unrealistic timelines. The Universe is in control of what's to come, so let it be...when and if it will be. 

For more detailed do's and don'ts of Mercury Retrograde, I highly recommend checking out this article that I referenced by For more scientific information about Mercury Retrograde, read the Farmers' Almanac article here