You'll never watch 'Emily In Paris' the same way again after hearing this bombshell from Netflix

Photo credit Image Press Agency via Imagn
By 106.5 The End
Netflix dropped some major intel about the new Darren Star flick Emily In Paris, and you won't be able to look at this show the same way ever again. 

The streaming service tweeted this week that "Emily In Paris," which stars Lily Collins, is to be pronounced with a French accent so that "Emily" and "Paris" rhyme. 


So, we've all been saying it wrong...It's more like "Emily in Pahreeee." 

Netflix also recently announced that the show is officially renewed for season 2. Yay! Have you watched season 1 yet? I got hooked right away, and I've heard a lot of other people say they think it's great, too. Catch the trailer below.