These Are Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 10-16

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By 106.5 The End

I cover your Weekly Horoscopes on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. PST, and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign.

Leo: An acquaintance of yours is willing to say anything you want to hear, just to get what they want from you. Be very wary about saying “yes” or being in agreement this week, because doing so may not move things in your favor. Just be cautious. Your week is a 4.

Virgo: You’re extra sensitive this week to others’ criticism. You’re naturally a pretty good judge of whether the criticism is constructive or not, but remember to not take things so personally when it feels like the criticism is less than constructive. Find a way to learn from people’s critiques and recognize that their approach in delivering this information to you is a reflection of themselves – not of you. Your week is a 7.

Libra: After weeks of experiencing a power struggle at work, you’ll have a breakthrough moment this week. This may be a situation where you need to pick your battles, and you may find that this is one battle that’s just not worth fighting. Let go of your ego and seek balance. Your week is a 5.

Scorpio: You’re very reflective of mistakes you’ve made in the past this week. Take this time to analyze why things turned out the way they did, and then move on. You’re on the brink of something amazing regarding career or romance, and you’ll need to make room for this thing to grow in the near future. Your week is an 8.

Sagittarius: As you make progress with a very important project at work, spend this week taking inventory of the things and people you’ve gained from this experience as well as the things, people, or way of thinking you’ve left behind in the process. Recognizing where you’ve been in addition to where you’re going is going to be key to making the most of this project. Your week is a 10.

Capricorn: Everyone around you is going to be so preoccupied with what they’ve got going on in their lives that it feels like you’re not getting the support you need. Learn how to be your own number one support system this week when it comes to work and relationships. The Universe is testing you in a way you’re not used to, and while it feels uncomfortable, it is so very necessary. Your week is an 8.

Aquarius: Your words carry a lot of weight this week in influencing people’s opinions and views of the world. Having open and honest conversations with your close circle of friends and confidantes will open their minds to new ways of thinking, while also validating that you’re on the right path in life. Your week is a 10.

Pisces: Your dreams will feel like they’re consuming you this week, and you’ll struggle to make sense of what they mean in your life. Perhaps they don’t mean anything. Try not to read too far deep into them and view them simply as dreams. Your week is a 7.

Aries: This week can either be super fun, or completely frustrating and annoying for you. It’s up to you how you want your week to go. Much of your potential frustration is going to stem from acquaintances at work or comments made on Facebook about personal decisions you’re making. Acknowledge that they don’t know the full story, and they don’t have to. Your week is a 9.

Taurus: It’s time to revisit your finances this week and really buckle down to formulate a plan to achieve your financial goals. Whether this means looking for a new job that pays more, having a much-needed conversation with your partner about your shared assets, or cutting back on spending, the effort you make this week in terms of finances is crucial. Your week is a 7. 

Gemini: You are NOT a team player this week, and you should expect a delay in moving things forward. Be it career, social life, or dating, your unwillingness to compromise will not get you what you’re looking for. Perhaps it’s time to take a step back and focus on yourself and your responsibilities just for a little bit. Your week is a 4.

Cancer: After a rough patch last week, you’ll begin to feel yourself move forward and out of the creative rut you’ve been in. Make socializing with your friends and loved ones on FaceTime or Zoom a priority this week to recharge. Your week is a 10.

And those are your weekly horoscopes! Check back next Monday at 5:40 p.m. for a new round of Weekly Horoscopes with Mollie Kendrick on 106.5 The End.