These Are Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 31-September 6

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By 106.5 The End

I cover your Weekly Horoscopes on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. PST, and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign for the week of August 31 to September 6. 

Virgo: With all the chaos that’s been happening in your life you, more than ANYONE, can definitely use a drink. This isn’t necessarily a bad week for you – you’ve simply come to a good stopping point where you should slow down and do whatever you need to relax. Your week is a 10.  

Libra: You pride yourself in living a pretty unfiltered life, but this week in particular you’ll come up with some really great ideas to use at work. Nurture your creative side and let it flow. Your week is a 9.  

Scorpio: It’s time to get rid of distractions this week and really focus on setting your intentions for the rest of the year. How do you truly want the remainder of 2020 to go? By setting your intention(s), you’ll start on the path to manifesting that job, responsibility, home, partner, or pumpkin spice latte into your life. Your week is an 8.

Sagittarius: Pay close attention to the dreams you have this week. While they may not seem like they’re connected to your real life, the opposite is quite true and they can be really revealing especially with what’s going on in your home life. Do some journaling after waking up and, if you have to google dream meanings to analyze your dreams, do so this week. A message is coming to you, so pay attention. Your week is a 7.

Capricorn: With all the insanity that’s happened over the last six months, staying on track with your career has naturally been your top priority. But your personal life is beginning to take a hit and you really need to make this a bigger priority in your life. Whether it’s attention you need to pour into your current relationship or making dating a more prominent thing in your life, now’s the time to put the wheels in motion to make that part of your life whole again. Your week is an 8.

Aquarius: You have the potential to alienate people that are important to you this week. Topics you think aren’t that heavy can be very off-putting to people, so just be aware (especially in the workplace) of the topics of conversation that you gravitate towards. The last thing you want to do is upset a coworker – or worse, your boss. Put a filter on and have these conversations with people you know are on the same page. Your week is a 4.

Pisces: You’re a little bossypants right now, and you need to chill. This certainly doesn’t mean you need to roll over and be anyone’s doormat, but this is a great time to get back in the habit of letting go and trusting the process, or trusting whoever’s in charge. Your week is a 5. 

Aries: All eyes are on you in the career world this week. If you’re looking for that new job, this is a prime week to refresh your resume. Or, within your current position, you could be taking on important responsibilities this week that will open even more new doors for years to come. Don’t even worry about the pandemic holding you back, because it’s really a non-issue for you this week. Your week is a 10.

Taurus: I know you’re excited about pumpkin spice coffee season, but your wallet is gonna take a MAJOR hit if you don’t get your spending in check. This is a big theme for you this week – you’ll need to reassess what you’re putting money towards because every dollar adds up (and those dollars probably aren’t going towards those debts you’re trying to pay down). Your week is a 3.

Gemini: Forgiveness is a big theme for you this week, as someone who hurt you deeply in the past could resurface. You’re in complete control of how you want this interaction to go. And at the end of the day, you may realize that you’ve been blaming yourself for what happened to you, and it’s time to let that go. Reflect and take care of yourself. Your week is a 7. 

Cancer: You feel bogged down by things going wrong around your house, particularly when it comes to paying to have things fixed or serviced. Learning to do some of these things this week will give you just the boost of confidence that you need. You already know there are thousands of tutorials for just about anything on YouTube, so make it a priority to actually watch those this week. You’ll feel a weight lifted off your shoulders when you get some of these things done yourself! Your week is a 9.

Leo: Someone with a very magnetic personality and piercing eyes will step into your life this week. This could turn into a prospective love interest or simply a new friend to hang out with. You feel very secure in your other relationships right now, so make it a priority to get to know this new person in your life. Your week is a 6.

And those are your Weekly Horoscopes! Tune in next Monday at 5:40 p.m. Pacific for a new round only on 106.5 The End.