These are your Weekly Horoscopes for December 21-27 (VIDEO)

By 106.5 The End

I cover your Weekly Horoscopes on the air on 106.5 The End on Monday afternoons at 5:40 p.m. PST, and all of them in their entirety are below, sign by sign for the week of December 21-27. 

Plus, we're experiencing two major shifts that'll impact everyone in a positive way on December 21. I go over those happenings in the video above! 

Capricorn: You have a tendency to second-guess yourself, but your intuition will be very strong this week. Trust your gut instinct to make a tough decision towards the end of the week. Your week is an 8.

Aquarius: You’ll have no trouble fitting in and getting through awkward situations this week. If it still feels stressful to you, do whatever self-care works best to help keep your cool. Your week is a 10.

Pisces: You’re gonna get some dreadful news this week that will make you squirm. But don’t worry, this could be something minor that you let roll off your back (begrudgingly, of course). You’ll get through it – just stay cool and levelheaded as best you can. Your week is a 6.

Aries: There’s a lost romantic connection you’ve been wanting to rekindle or provide closure to. If you can, wait until after Christmas passes to make the move. Spend this week determining the best approach you see fit. Your week is a 10.

Taurus: You feel restless and eager to settle an argument or smooth things over with a loved one this week. But you’re failing to recognize that emotions are at stake here, and what you thought was the best approach to take may be counterproductive. Take your time with those you love and give them space if they need it. Your week is a 4.

Gemini: You’re great at keeping your emotions in check this week. That self-control, however, may cause loved ones to become suspicious and paranoid. Continue to keep your cool and don’t let them drag you into unnecessary drama. Your week is a 7.

Cancer: Your nurturing qualities are beautiful and highly respected, however, sometimes you’re unaware that your “helpful” advice isn’t so helpful after all. Before providing unsolicited advice to someone close to you, take a step back and ask yourself if they really need advice, or just someone to listen. Your week is a 6.

Leo: When your beliefs are challenged this week, it’ll be really hard for you to back down and let the criticism go through one ear and out the other. Give yourself time to process what’s being said to you to determine if it actually needs a response or not. And if it does, take the opportunity to stand up for yourself if necessary. Your week is a 9.

Virgo: Your quick wit might come off the wrong way this week. Think before you speak, otherwise your tongue may slow you down from reaching your goals. Your week is a 5.

Libra: You do a great job of not letting people’s opposing views negatively affect you on the outside. But inside, it’s a different story. I don’t encourage arguing over difficult conversations, but if there’s a part of your integrity or a core value of yours in question, you need to speak up and defend your honor. Listen before acting to decide what’s best. Your week is a 7.

Scorpio: You’re often shamed for your intense emotions, and it’s because you’re greatly misunderstood. But this week you need to reframe your negative view of sensitivity to see it as a power and a blessing rather than a curse or a burden. This new framework is what you’ll need to get through the week. Your week is an 8.

Sagittarius: You have an innate ability this week to read the room appropriately. Hone into that power as you get through this more-stressful-than-normal week, as it’ll help others around you just as much. Your week is a 10.

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