Here's what you should do after attending a super spreader event in the age of coronavirus (opinion)

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By 106.5 The End

There's been a lot of social media drama surrounding a NYE party at a mansion in Granite Bay, and in response to that, the following is my opinion. To read about the event, read this article published by Fox 40

First of all, if you are considering making the personal choice to attend a large or sizeable event in the age of the pandemic, consider this: 
  1. Don't do it. 

Okay, so you chose to go anyway. After attending, this is what you should do. 

  1. Isolate. Make arrangements to stay at home. Yes, you are able to. Your boss will understand. Make sure you communicate with everyone in your life to let them know that you have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 and that you do not want to expose anyone else for their safety. Call your landlord and make arrangements for a payment plan on next month's rent. Contact your other creditors to start a payment plan, or whatever you have to do. Arrange to have groceries delivered or dropped off by friends and/or family. Have meals delivered to your door. Whatever you do, don't be around anyone. 
  2. Get tested. Getting a COVID-19 test is incredibly simple. I got tested a couple months ago just to be safe, and I didn't have to make contact with anyone. So, I know I just told you that you should isolate, but it's still possible to do that while getting tested. I took my test at a CVS drive-thru and made zero contact with anyone. Testing sites are fantastic at making sure everyone's as safe as possible given the situation. You should get your results no more than a week later. Even if it comes back negative, you should continue to isolate for the recommended quarantine period.  
  3. Continue to isolate. Be patient. I know it's hard, but you should continue to avoid being around people. Find some new shows and movies. Call your friends to talk. 
  4. Admit your wrongs. If you're facing public backlash or getting personal attacks from family and friends about your personal choice to attend a party, don't deny it. Your feelings may get hurt, and that's a totally valid feeling. But continuing to deny what you chose to do is a huge part of why we are still in this pandemic. Everyone makes mistakes, including you. Going to a large gathering/party right now IS a mistake. Even if you don't admit your mistake publicly, it's important to be honest with yourself about what you did and the consequences you face. Also, the consequences that other people are facing because of your mistake. 
  5. Learn from your mistakes. During your couple weeks of isolation, I hope you take a long, hard look at what you did to put an entire community in danger....and I hope you learn from it. I hope you grow. I hope you mature. I hope you see the light. I hope you continue to think about your personal decisions BEFORE acting on them, while having compassion for the thousands of strangers you could potentially get sick. 

Again, I hope you don't attend a large gathering in the first place. But if you must...then I hope you use it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a person while moving California forward instead of repeating that mistake and endangering an entire community.