The Wake Up Call Full Show 1-6-21

By 106.5 The End

Here's what you missed on the Wake Up Call:


Gavin's Phone Scams: Locksmith for Son's Room 

Gavin is a locksmith calling britney to schedule a time to come over and put a deadblolt on her son's bedroom door, which he's legally alllowed to have ever since she started charging her son rent:

Dating App Success

According to new research, relationships via dating apps are longer term and more satisfying:

In Case You Missed It: Kim K and Kayne Getting Divorce

The Wake Up Call share their thoughts about Kim K and Kayne getting a divorce:

It's Not True

A man in NY is suing King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls because they're not from Hawaii. The Wake Up Call ask the question "What did you think was true but isn't?"

Gavin's Phone Scams: Not Old Antiques

Gavin calls an antique shop looking for things that aren't very old at all:

Are You Smarter Than Kaite

A listener gets asked 5 questions while Katie is out of the stuido. Then Katie gets asked the same 5 questions. Whoever gets more wins. Ties go to Katie. Playing for Pride.

Did You Know With Intern Kevin

Kevin finds facts on the internet and shares it with everyone in hopes someone learns something new:

Gavin's Phone Scams: Hearing Test Charge

Gavin calls Allan at a bank to dispute a charge for a hearing test..even thought he seems to actually need a hearing test:


The Wake Up Call play another round of "Concentration" to give away a $50 gift card to a select resturant for #DineDownTown

Listener Court: PS5

Zane bought his son a PS5 for Christmas against the wishes of his ex-wife Tori. Tori wouldn't let their son take it to her dad's house for a visit and while it sat at her house, her cat peed on it and it broke:

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