'Bridgerton' fans can win a $15,000 honeymoon under these very rare circumstances

Get ready for a name change...and not just the last name.
Actress Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne Bridgerton
Photo credit Sipa USA via Imagn

Hotels.com is giving away a $15,000 honeymoon to one lucky couple whose names are Simon and Daphne.

In a tweet, the company said that not only do your names have to be Simon and Daphne, but you also need to get hitched before Bridgerton season 2 comes out AND you need to provide proof. In the thread, Hotels.com replied to someone's comment about name changes saying, "If it's legal no judgement here..."

Check out their tweet for more. My name isn't Daphne, but I wouldn't be opposed to changing it just to have a $15,000 honeymoon to look forward to when the pandemic is over. I don't know any Simons, and I'm not even in a relationship, so I'm gonna need to find someone quick who's okay with getting married and changing his name tomorrow. Are we doing this or what???!?!

Have you watched Bridgerton yet? I thought it was great. Simon is hella sexy and it's worth watching the show just for him. I'm not sure how season 2 is going to look, though...I feel like season 1 was wrapped up perfectly to where we wouldn't need any more from the series.