Divorced woman makes over $1 million per year for doing this on OnlyFans

An extreme before-and-after story makes one woman more than one million dollars per year

A divorced woman makes $1.5 million per year on OnlyFans for posting content of her extreme new look.

According to the Daily Mail, 26-year-old model Amanda Martin claims to have been raised in a sheltered and innocent upbringing. When she was just 20, she married a U.S. Navy officer. Just years later, the marriage did not work out and she decided to undergo $30,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries to give herself a total makeover in hopes of finding a more fulfilling relationship.

The before and after photos are drastic. See her before photos here. 

Martin hired a trainer to help her shed 70 lbs before getting her breasts augmented to a 32DDD cup size, followed by fat transfers, liposuction, dermal fillers, and butt implants with the goal of looking like a "sexy thick queen."

"With my newfound confidence, I started to get more into social media and wanted my Tinder to be poppin'," Martin told the Daily Mail. "I became an Instagram th*t before it was a normal common thing. I was just a chick trying to get laid."

Martin now has over 5 million Instagram followers and runs a subscription-only OnlyFans page where she makes $1.5 million per year. She now has a boyfriend, John Hill, who co-stars in her homemade OnlyFans movies.

Martin says she's been contacted by the adult film company Brazzers, however, she refuses to sign with the company unless they sign her boyfriend with her.

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