Watch this if you're ready for a major upgrade in happiness (and are considering lasik)


It's been two years now since I had LASIK vision correction, and it's something I absolutely have no regrets about doing.

I've noticed that people who are interested in LASIK fall into a couple different categories: they're finally ready to ditch glasses and go for it, or they've never worn glasses (but NEED to per doctor's orders) but know that something needs to be done about bettering their vision, and don't realize that LASIK is amazing.

I honestly didn't realize the major impacts LASIK would have on my life. I got it to not have to wear glasses or contacts anymore, and ended up gaining my confidence back in a way I didn't realize would ever be possible. I mean, I was a completely different person two years ago. I feel like myself again, and it's because I don't feel insecure in glasses anymore.

I realize that might sound silly to some people. "Love yourself for who you are, who cares if you wear glasses, you look cute in glasses, blah blah blah." I heard it ALL. But at the end of the day, I hated myself during the time I wore glasses and I was ready to get rid of them.

Not everyone is a candidate for LASIK like I was, so the best way to know if it's right for you is to sit down for a consultation and get all the information. The place to go here in Sacramento is Newman Lasik Center ( I did a consultation there last summer when I thought I might have to get a touch-up on my LASIK. Fortunately I didn't need to, and what I LOVE about Newman Lasik Center is that they were honest with me that I didn't need to undergo another procedure. (My eyes were just extremely dry, so they recommended generic eye drops for dry eyes.)

Consultations at Newman Lasik Center are completely free. Tell them that I gave you the info and they'll hook you up! Call them (they're really nice people!) at 888-415-2745 and read more about LASIK & see their clinic at

In the video above, I go more into detail about how my procedure went two years ago and just how easy it was. (I even went on a first date the same day I had more about that in the video!)