Man leaves $2,021 tip at 6 different restaurants


Workers at six restaurants got a welcome surprise to start the year in the form of generous tips.

Envelopes with a total of $2,021 in them were left at tables at half a dozen establishments in Boston this week, reported  7News. 

The lavish tipper was Ernie Boch Jr., a local auto magnate and philanthropist, who says he wanted to help out businesses struggling during the pandemic.

“It was so dead that I had this idea, why don’t I go into Boston and hit all these different bars and give some support,” Boch told the news outlet.

He called a friend and they decided to visit six area restaurants in three hours.

At each location they ordered food and drinks, paid their bill, and when the server wasn’t looking they left the envelope with the cash and exited quickly.

In addition to the $2,021, Boch included a note that said “thank you” with his name.

The recipients of the generous tips were equally shocked and grateful.

Myles Kopk, manager of  Loretta’s Last Call, described how one server reacted upon receiving the surprise stash of money.

“She was shocked,” Kopka told the outlet. “She saw the signed copy of the receipt, and it was whatever, and then she saw the envelope next to it, and she was definitely shocked.”

For others, the cash came at just the right time.

“One of the most mind-boggling things that’s happened to me in the 10 years of doing this,” Corner Tavern bartender Conor Gallivan told WPRI, adding that it will pay for his rent for the month.

Boch is no stranger to leaving big tips. Last year, it was reported that he left a $5,000 tip on a bill that totaled around $160, as a way of outdoing the 2020 tip challenge.

He encourages anyone who has the means to be as generous as possible during these difficult times.

“Please tip your server,” Boch told “Don’t be afraid to go to [restaurants]; they’re extremely clean, extremely safe. Support the small businesses.”

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