PHOTO: Meet Mork, the puppy who looks like Baby Yoda


While 2020 has been a tough year, most people have focused on the positives, including looking at adorable animals.

Nikki Carvey, a dog rescuer in Los Angeles, California, couldn’t help but take in a peculiar yet adorable looking dog. The pup was rescued from a meat truck in China, Good Morning America reported.

Carvey is the founder of Roa Dogs, an organization that rescues special needs bulldog breed and mixes.

Her organization helped rescue the puppy, Mork Skywalker, from the meat trade.

“He’s kind of a mixture between Dobby, a French bulldog, and a cat,” Carvey said.

Carvey said the dog had looked like a little alien and wanted to keep him. She figured that Mork was put on the truck because of all of his medical issues. Mork has congenital brachycephalic, breathing problems, IBD, hiatal hernia, and an undershot jaw.

When arriving at the facility, Carvey shared that the pup kept to himself and wasn’t feeling well.

Mork has made good progress and continues to gain followers on his Instagram page, where fans of the pooch have said that he looks like Baby Yoda.

“And the baby Yoda thing is just hilarious,” Carvey said.

So far, Mork has more than 264,000 followers on his official Instagram page.

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