Some big-name quarterbacks already being linked to Patriots


The 2020 NFL regular season is only a few days old, but rumors and discussion towards how the Patriots will look in 2021 have already begun.

Quarterback is one of the biggest positions of need and there could be some big names available in the coming weeks, and already some are being linked to New England.

Here are three.

Matthew Stafford- If, and it’s a big if considering his contract, the Lions do indeed trade Stafford, the Patriots are the team has been mentioned the most. In the last month, both Peter King and Rodney Harrison have said it would make a lot of sense. The 32-year-old has thrown for over 4,000 yards in eight seasons and has had at least 20 touchdowns all but one year in the last 10 seasons, and that was because he only played in eight games in 2019. If a trade is the route the Patriots go at the position, Stafford is certainly a name to watch.

Jimmy Garoppolo- The former Patriots QB has been rumored to return to the Patriots really ever since he was traded to the 49ers in 2017, but it has heated up recently given his injury history and the 49ers' financial flexibility to move on from him this offseason. Thursday morning on The Greg Hill Show, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio predicted Garoppolo would re-join the Patriots in 2021 and it’s something ESPN’s Mike Reiss has said as well — as long as the 49ers are willing to move on. This would make a ton of sense given how much Bill Belichick loved Garoppolo during his time in New England.

Deshaun Watson- On Thursday, Pro Football Talk said “Watson has quietly broached with teammates the possibility of requesting a trade” and if that is indeed true, the Patriots certainly would at least check in to see what it would cost. They obviously are very familiar with the person we would be making such a trade — new GM Nick Caserio — so if the Texans do look to deal Watson, keep an eye on New England. It really doesn’t make much sense for Houston given Watson’s importance to the team and organization, but as we’ve seen in recent years, never rule anything out with the Texans.