OPINION: A Bulldog Tweetbag!

You've got questions, Bulldog has answers
By WGR 550 SportsRadio

You’ve got questions. Hopefully, I’ve got answers.

Put out the bat signal Sunday morning on Twitter. It took me until now to compile some answers, so hopefully you’ll find this to be an exercise worthy of your time.

With that, here we go:


This is a strange one.

I mostly liked the way the Buffalo Bills handled Jonathan Taylor for three quarters. Then, once the Bills pushed their lead to 14 points in the fourth quarter, they got gashed for two big runs by Nyheim Hines on back-to-back Indianapolis Colts touchdown drives, and also by Taylor.

I might guess that the Bills got caught expecting the Colts to throw it and were crossed up playing/expecting pass plays.

Personnel-wise, we are probably well-beyond them making changes, so I’d have to hope discipline and fundamentals are enough to overcome what we watched Sunday against the Colts.


I’m not eager to ponder what next season and beyond may look like, because this playoff season seems full of possibilities...

With that said, my bet might be on neither.

But that’s not what you asked. You asked who is more likely to be re-signed.

Of course, this all depends on what the open market has to say about these guys. As I write this, I’m not positive which guy will have the hotter market, but it will most likely Matt Milano.

If Jon Feliciano can be retained with a reasonable cap figure, maybe they can keep him. Milano is in for a pretty big contract, probably somewhere between $10-15 million dollars per-year.

If the Bills envision paying Tremaine Edmunds a year or so from now, they probably can’t keep both him and Milano.

Final answer is Feliciano.


I’m not freaked out about the game plan on offense. Yes, they went three runs and punt that one time in the first half and I hated that possession from the kick return on.

That said, the Bills produced over 400 yards of offense, and most importantly, Josh Allen had 324 passing yards in a game where he really didn’t seem that comfortable with what the Colts were doing to defend him.

As for the defense, the pass rush had a tough day on Saturday. That wasn’t entirely unexpected. The Colts boast one of the top offensive lines in the NFL, and Philip Rivers gets the ball out as fast as any quarterback in the league.

My biggest concern with the defense would be the runs they allowed early in the fourth quarter after taking a 24-10 lead.

As for next week, which we probably will know by the time this gets posted, bring me the Pittsburgh Steelers.


I felt great about Tyler Bass.

4th-and-6 is tough. I wanted the field goal there, in part because I wanted to see Bass kick one in that spot. That doesn’t speak to much, as far as tactics go, but I’d think the team and Sean McDermott will fell pretty good about the next situation they have where they might need Bass to make a big, long, kick.


Pass rush is the best answer to this question.

As mentioned already, the Colts boast a nice offensive line and Rivers gets the ball out of there as fast as anyone. That said, if the Bills are going to keep winning here, the front-four, plus timely blitzing will have to be more effective than they were against the Colts.


I mean, if standing on furniture while swearing and scaring the ever living crap out of the dog are to be equated with a great time, then yes, I had a great time.


First up I had a Southern Tier "Nu Juice". Then I had a Community Beer Works "Spruce Hornsby", and another. Then I went to sleep.


It’s silly, but still fun, so go nuts.

We’ll rarely know what Brian Daboll is seeing and, more importantly, what Allen is telling Daboll he is seeing. It’s obviously understandable that those factors, among others, would determine how you’d proceed in game against that specific opponent.


I’d predict the team leans hard towards T.J. Yeldon, but wouldn’t entirely dismiss Antonio Williams as an option.


Lots of possibilities here, and I must admit, my first thought was the original Rocky theme "Gonna Fly Now" by Maynard Ferguson, but I settled on this after some time spent pondering:


I have heard this plenty over the past 10 months. Please know, it’s very much appreciated.

We all probably know plenty of people who have been severely impacted by the this pandemic. If what we do on the radio has in any way helped lighten the load for them in any way, I’ll take that as a big win.

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