Is This The End of a 'New Day'?

By ESPN Upstate

Let me start this Blog by talking about 'Friends'. When I think of 'Friends' I think of 2 songs: 'Friends' by Whodini and 'A Friend' by the Winans. In those songs a Friend is described as someone closer than a brother. I was blessed, or cursed, with friends who were closer than brothers. For over a decade we were together through the good times and bad, until it ended abruptly. Our end would've been a perfect Wrestling storyline, but that's a story for my memoirs. Throughout the history of Pro Wrestling there have been unforgettable factions. Some of my favorites are: The 4 Horseman, Freebirds, NWA, and The Undisputed Era. But there is one faction that has stood out above all of these and it's because of there positive vibe. The New Day is a party, a celebration, and a brotherhood. As I'm writing this, there 'Pops' are staring down at me and saying 'Don't you dare be sour'. But I am sour. I am sad. I am angry. The 'New Day' has been split up! After the WWE Draft, Kofi and Woods were sent to Raw, while Big E stayed on Smackdown. If this stays this way, it is a major mistake. Everyone loves the 'New Day'. I know that is a broad statement, but it's true. One of the shows I do is on Saturday nights on our sister station, 106.3 WORD. On The Upstate Pulse we've talked Wrestling for years but my co-host was not a fan. When Raw came to town I gave him a 'New Day' t-shirt and we headed to the 'Well' for his first Wrestling experience. When we were done, he didn't become a fan, but a couple of Wrestlers stood out to him. I'm bringing this up because a texter mentioned the 'New Day' situation and my co-host said 'No'....'Not The New Day!'. They made an impression on a non-wrestling fan. In this time that we are living in, we need rays of hope. We need things that make us smile. We need larger than life personas that come out of giant cereal boxes!!! I hope it's a 'Work'. I hope it's a 'Storyline'. I hope 'The New Day' is not at its end.