By ESPN Upstate

Sports fans think they have all the answers. Just because they spend money on Team merch, tailgate every Saturday no matter what the weather, or are sometimes willing to fight over their team, they think they should have a say in how the business is run. Whether it's asking the coach why he's not using the Tight Ends enough, questioning the benching of the guard who was on fire from the arc, or pulling the Pitcher who's racking up the 'K's', fans are never satisfied. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this behavior. Sports are immersive and they give us a sense of belonging that we may not be getting elsewhere in our lives. But there is a fanbase that seems to think they're more entitled than any other. Wrestling Fans. I know at this point of the blog some of you are ready to give me a 'metro alpha reality check', but let me cut you off at the pass. Yes, we all know Wrestling isn't real. So I suggest you head on over to another blog and feel secure within your walls. Now where was I, oh yeah, Wrestling Fans. Wrestling Fans believe that they should dictate the storyline and the Writers should listen to them, because they know best. There was a time when a 'Face' Pop or 'Heel' boo had power, but not anymore. Because of the Pandemic the Wrestling Fan has lost some of it's voice and maybe it's influence. This brings me to Roman Reigns. Yes Roman Reigns, the guy that a lot of Fans hated because they were told he would be the next 'Big Dog' in the yard. I have a couple of friends who would sneer at the mere mention of his name. Roman was booed at live events, ridiculed in magazines and social media posts, and there was a hatred behind it. I was told 'They can't tell us who the next star will be! We decide!'.  I don't want to sit here and tell you that I'm an expert in psychology but I do understand the long game. I will wait a year to deliver the punchline to a joke, because I'm patient. Wrestling has been patient and years later Roman Reigns is the 'Tribal Chief' and on top of his game. Those same fans that hated him are saying 'See, they finally listened to us!'. But did they? Or did they do what they planned all along?