Tell Me You Didn't Just Say That

By ESPN Upstate

     There is a disturbing trend going around in the world. It is a theft of sorts, if that is possible, when it comes to the turn of a 'Phrase'.  I'm not sure how we fix this but I feel compelled to point it out. If you hate Wrestling so much, then get that phrase out yo mouth! No need for a 'metro alpha reality check' here. If you think Wrestling is for children, low IQ adults, and backwood yahoos then stop using our phrases. If I hear someone who consistently belittles the sport say 'To be the Man you have to beat the Man' again, I may need to 'Layeth the Smackdown'! I get it, you just want to prove that you're down with Pop Culture, but true believers can see through your ruse. As a Wrestling fan, I'm willing to debate you on it. 'If you want some, come get some'. The sad part is that only Wrestling Fans will read this blog and the individuals that this is directed towards won't give it the time of day.

     Wrestling fans, let's make a pact. The next time someone who criticizes the Wrestling Community wants us to 'Smell what they're cooking'. Look them in the eye and say 'Really?......Really?......Really?', tell them 'YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!',  'Woooooo' and walk away!