Things I Can't Say On The Air

By ESPN Upstate

     This week I'm going to do something I don't normally do. Usually I talk about things that aren't covered on the Show, but should be, like the Fight Game and Pro Wrestling. Before I say what I can't say on the air, I have a question. What is a Blog. Blog's are editorials, opinions, or ramblings of the Blogger. Contrary to what some others say, A Blog is not fact, but hopefully it is factual. Now that that is out of the way, let's get to the meat. The Ohio State University is not the Villain of this story. There are some in Sports Media who are spinning it in that direction. By the way, be sure to listen to Offsides with Marc Ryan, M-F 3-7pm. Ohio State fought hard to play this season. They did everything they needed to do. The Big 10's handling of the situation has been the problem all along. They set up unrealistic parameters for a season unlike we have ever seen. Flexibility is key in a pandemic and The Big 10 was short sighted in how they set things up.

     There is now an outcry of 'No fair!' and 'They didn't play enough games''. This has been contrived and perpetuated by a Sports Media that is looking to drum emotion from opposing fan bases. And it's working. Yes, Ohio State is my team, but, I refuse to be herded by the false narrative that they don't deserve to play in the Big 10 Championship and ultimately in the CFP. I may not be able to talk about this on the air,  because 'Less is more'....or so I've been told, but this Blog has my name on it. Let's break this down by fan bases. The Florida fans don't want OSU to play because it hurts their chances with one loss, but, get real Gators, you're not going to win the SEC. The Clemson fans beef is confusing. They don't want OSU in because of 'fairness'. I don't get that, just like I've never understood their deep seeded hatred for a team they've never lost to. Must be Woody Hayes. Clemson should turn their hatred toward the ACC, who let Notre Dame into the conference for a season and then couldn't beat them. They have a chance to fix that in their Championship game, but probably won't. Speaking of the ACC Championship,  A game that Notre Dame was able to jump into without playing their last regular season game. I don't hear Clemson fans complaining about that. Now let's talk Notre Dame. They don't care if OSU plays. They're all about their next game. And Finally, let's talk about Alabama. They are the best team in football. All this whining will more than likely be for nothing when in the end, Nick Saban wins another Championship. In my opinion, Alabama has no flaws. All of the other teams I've mentioned do. Yes, even my Ohio State Buckeyes. I am a fan, but I am a realist.

     In closing, all I can say, is don't be a sheep. Don't be told what to believe. Do some research......Or......Just 'Baa' on your way.....