Hawks' Collins on new vocal role: 'A quiet gym is a losing gym'

Atlanta Hawks power forward, John Collins, joined the Midday Show ahead of their match-up against the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday. The four-year Hawks veteran talked about his new 'vocal' role on and off the court this season.

How has your role developed now that you're in your fourth year and being the longest tenured player on the roster at this point?

"I definitely feel like with a lot of the new faces, I get a certain level of respect just because of my tenure with the Hawks up to this point," Collins told Andy and Randy.

"I feel like that says something, as well as my game on the court...I definitely feel like the guys, you know, take to me well. I do have a bit of a vocal role on this team, and I just feel like it's part of me becoming a leader."

"I've always heard the phrase and kept in my mind that 'a quiet gym is a losing gym.' So if that says anything for me, I'm always going to be talking and I'm always going to be trying to encourage my teammates. And I'm always open to guys telling me what I need to do as well. If I need (to be) check(ed), I'm a person that can take that as well. I just want to win.

Collins and the Hawks were unable to come to terms on a contract extension, and he'll become a restricted free agent following the 2020-2021 season