Rick’s Bring Love HOME for the Holidays with Dumb Friends League

By EZ 1430

Pets aren’t like family, they ARE family!  YOU can help pets go from homeless to home by donating this year to the Dumb Friends League, creating families right here in Denver.  Rick knows the love a four legged friend brings to your heart and your home, and how important it is to have that companionship daily.  The Dumb Friends League brings in pets of all ages and health situations to nurture and get ready to find a forever home, but it’s not without a large financial burden, especially for senior pets.  Please consider making your gift today to Dumb Friends League.

Join Rick in supporting Dumb Friends League this season and your donation goes toward the care and nurturing of thousands of pets looking for a forever home.  Your donation creates a new beginning and second chance for more than 20,000 homeless pets and horses, including these cuties currently looking for forever homes.  And, if it’s companionship your looking for, all of the sweet senior faces below are available for adoption this holiday season. 


Here are some pets currently up for adoption!



Binks (A0832802)

At 14-years-old, Binks may be the sweetest cat you'll ever meet. He loves people of all ages, doesn't mind being held, and enjoys cuddling on the couch. He lived with other pets but may be happiest in a home where he can get all the attention. Binks has been at the Dumb Friends League since September 8, hoping to find his new family. Learn how you can meet Binks at ddfl.org today!



Socrates (A0535167)

Socrates is a 12-year-old neutered male brown tabby cat. He was diagnosed as hyperthyroid at the Dumb Friends League. He is currently on medication and is responding well to treatment. Socrates has an affectionate and playful personality. Socrates has a good history using his litter box, is living well with other cats, and is looking for a quiet home with lots of sunny windows. He is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in adopting Socrates, visit ddfl.org to schedule your appointment today!



Champ (A0721829)

Champ is an 8-year-old Labrador retriever mix. He is a smart dog who loves going for walks and does well on the leash. Champ already knows some basic commands and is looking for a home without cats. You can learn more about Champ by visiting ddfl.org today.



Gerdie (A0834027)

Gerdie is a confident, 12-year-old cat who knows what she wants. She is independent yet enjoys affection on her terms. She's social and enjoys being around you but would prefer not to be picked up. Gerdie has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism but is responding well to medication that will be needed throughout her life. Learn more about Gerdie at ddfl.org today.



Libby (A0539025)

Libby is a sweet, sensitive 12-year-old black and white cat. She would prefer to be the queen of her castle as a single pet. Libby has an affectionate personality and enjoys spending time with her people. Libby does have chronic kidney disease that will require ongoing medical treatment. She has been waiting to meet her new family since October 6. Learn more about Libby at ddfl.org today.



Red (A0834231) 

Red is a super sweet 10-year-old red tabby. While in his foster home, Red had good litter box manners and enjoyed his foster family's attention. Red has lived with a baby in the past and did well. He is looking for a home with lots of love and cuddles. Learn more about Red at ddfl.org today.


When you give to the Dumb Friends League you are supporting so much more than pet adoption. You are helping them provide warm shelter and care to thousands of homeless, abandoned and neglected pets and help support their low-cost Solutions – Veterinary Hospital where they provide life-saving care to pets whose owners may not have been able to afford it. Here’s how your donation makes a difference for pets in need:
  • $15 provides a special toy to entertain a cat or dog while they wait to meet their new family.
  • $25 provides a vaccination for a homeless puppy or kitten.
  • $31.42 provides one night of warm shelter to a homeless pet.
  • $75 provides for 100 cheese sticks and hot dogs to reward fearful dogs during training to help them gain confidence.
  • $100 provides spay/neuter services to a family who couldn’t otherwise afford it.
  • $220 provides warm shelter for one week for a homeless pet.
  • $250 helps provide a lifesaving surgery for an injured pet.
  • $500 helps animal cruelty investigators respond to animal mistreatment and neglect situations.

Please consider donating today! Happy Holidays from AM 1430 KEZW and Dumb Friends League