Is it OK to Uber?

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By EZ 1430

Gleefully hopping into a car with a stranger, oddly enough, used to be a normal thing. Now, in the era of COVID-19, the rideshare experience has become anything but normal. 

Obviously, being in a small enclosed space with another individual poses risks we had never previously thought possible. We’re being encouraged to avoid any and all physical contact with people that we don’t live with, and “social distancing” has got to be an early front-runner for the 2020 Word of the Year. These new practices make things like ridesharing particularly difficult. Good luck maintaining six feet of separation in a Kia Forte.

In the wake of this upending pandemic, Uber and Lyft have introduced new policies to keep their drivers safe, while still providing services for people in Denver who need to use ridesharing apps to get around. 

Starting on May 18th, Uber will require all riders and drivers to wear a mask or face cover. Lyft is currently encouraging riders to do the same.

As for those polarizing front seat rides (some people love them, some people hate them), well those are a thing of the past. A relic of the “pre-corona” days. Uber is advising all passengers to use the backseat only to allow for the most possible distance between driver and passenger. Rides will also be cut from a max party of four, to three. So if you need to get a Lyft, and you’ve got three kids with you, the least favorite one is just gonna have to stay home.*

Lyft is suggesting riders keep windows open if possible, and emphasizes that Lyft is to be used only for essential travel at this time.Both services have cancelled the pooled/shared ride service, for obvious reasons. 

If you've got more questions, we get it! It's always best to consult offical Denver government resources.

*a hilarious joke