The Best Fantasy Football Team Names For Rock Fans

It may not be the strategy you wanted, but it's the winning strategy you need.
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With football season one week away, fantasy football players are gearing up for another exciting season.

As a mediocre fantasy football player, I have no strategic advice that'll help you win your league. For that, I recommend heading over and reading what the experts at 670 The Score have to say. However, I will provide you with sage wisdom in one area I excel at. Team names!

A good team name can salvage a poor season. When all else is lost, at least you can take pride in the fact you had the best team name in your league. Whether you're a casual player or fantasy football fanatic, everyone appreciates a good name.

For all you music fans out there, I'm going to let you in on a few names I've been kicking around. Unlike may sites, this advice is FREE and (not) guaranteed to help you win (the adoration of your competitors) your league.

We'll breakdown the team names into different categories for those of you aiming to highlight different positions. Warning, these are terribly corny.

For The Defensive Minded

Sgt. Pepper's Sack Club

All Along The Dont'a Hightower

The Quarterback Leads The Way

Major Tom Brady To Ground Control

Winding Your Way Down On Baker Mayfield Street

Take Me To The Philip Rivers

Wide Receiver Or Bust

Me & Julio Jones Down By The Schoolyard

Hey JuJu, Don't Make It Bad

More Than A Thielen

Running Back Centric

Up On Christian McCaffrey Creek

Alvin Kamara & The Chipmunks

Nick Chubbthumping

Little Red Fournette

All About Offense

Touchdown Of Grey

Strawberry Field Goals Forever