The Bo and Jon Podcast: Jonny and Bo Leo Wake Up David Lee Garza On His 62nd Birthday

David Lee Garza
By Fierro HD

Jonny Ramirez and Bo Leo wake up David Lee Garza this morning with happy birthday wishes. 

Today, David Lee Garza celebrates his 62nd birthday with shows in the Valley, Houston and San Antonio.  Meanwhile, Cesar Martinez is on vacation sailing the seas with Gary Hobbs and Friends. 

So, how is David Lee Garza going to fill the spot?   David Lee Garza tells Fierro how he met a vocalist at a casino and has asked him to join him this weekend.  

Also, Jay Perez will perform on Sunday night at the Thirsty Horse with David Lee Garza on Sunday night.  

Listen all day as we add an extra dose of DLG to Fierro’s playlist as we celebrate David Lee Garza!