Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Poured on Woman by Homeless Man

By FM 101.9

This happened in LA near the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and it has definitely ruined one woman's week. 

A woman was going to her car, and just as she was about to get in, a homeless man started running towards her. The man pulled her out of the car into the middle of the street and poured a bucket of hot diarrhea on her.

She said, "It was diarrhea. Hot liquid. I was soaked, and it was coming off my eyelashes and into my eyes, paramedics who came to treat me said there was so much of it on me, that it looked like the man was saving it up for a month."

The woman was rushed to the hospital and tested for diseases, and so far she has come up negative. She will have to return for tests in roughly 3 months.

"It was all inside my car because it was so much. He just kept pouring it and splattering it all over me," she added.

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