Strip Clubs Open With Masks On Clothes Off Party

Strip Club Legs
Photo credit DmitriMaruta / Getty
By FM 101.9

This one comes out of Wyoming. Over a dozen almost naked women are performing on stage with the typical music in the background of a strip club while the patrons shower the women with dollar bills. The only exception to any other night at this club the women are wearing face masks.

During this time of the Coronavirus, everyone has to follow the rules...and that includes the strippers.

"I feel like my makeup is sweating off under this thing," says Cleo a exotic dancer at The Den.

The Den one of a handful of gentlemans clubs in the country to open during the Covid-19 pandemic. They re-opened their doors with the "Masks on, Clothes Off Party," this past Friday.

Due to the fact that Wyoming does not have a lot of Coronavirus cases, the government had now given the "okay" to most of the businesses to re-open. Sit down restaurants, bars, and even bars that are strip clubs like The Den.

“I’m super-excited. I’m a little nervous because the virus is still out there, but I’m glad to be able to go to work, because a lot of people can’t yet,” said Doris, a exotic dancer. “The stimulus money was nice, but that’s going to run out, and I don’t like to feel like I’m dependent on the government.”

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