An Analyst Predicts Disney Theme Parks Won't Reopen Until 2021

By FM 101.9

It was way back on March 12th when Disney announced it would be closing Disney World "for the rest of March".  A lot has happened since then.

This 8-year old Canadian boy gave the best response ever for his vacation being cancelled. This woman demanded that Disney give her Cinderella's Castle to make up for their vacation. A man in California got bored, apparently, and decided to break into the closed Disneyland.

Then the end of March came and went. Florida is under the Stay At Home Order, and Disney announced it would be closed 'indefinitely' and furloughed 100,000 employees.

Long story short, the impacts that the closing of Disney parks are having both personally and professionally for so many people are unmistakable. Today, one financial analyst is making headlines for predicting that Disney parks both in the US and abroad might not be able to re-open until 2021

John Hodulik, the managing director of investment research at global financial firm UBS, cites that "stadiums and theme parks" are the lowest on the list to reopen following the pandemic.