Girl Scouts Offering New "Lemon Up" Cookie This Year

By FM 101.9

It's only a matter of time. The 'order sheet' shows up on the break room table. Sharon is knocking on your cubicle to see how many boxes you want. The girls are swarming entrances to your favorite store - or worse - knocking on your door, ready to bleed you dry because you're weak. YOU'RE WEAK AND YOU WANT COOKIES.

There's a new addition to the Girl Scout Cookie lineup for 2020:  Lemon-Ups.

The Lemon-Ups are round, crispy lemon wafers with a layer of glaze on the bottom, and motivational phrases like "I'm a leader" stamped on the top. So while you sit on your couch, in your underwear, eating the entire box in one sitting, you can gently sob to yourself with reminders of, "I am strong... I am gold... I'm a go-getter..."