Hot Dog Champ Eats 75 In 10 Minutes In Nathan's Contest

Joey Chestnut At Hot Dog Eating Contest
Photo credit Kena Betancur / Stringer
By FM 101.9

Every 4th of July, Americans throw parties, shoot of fireworks, and celebrate the "Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Competition". I'm sure there are other reasons people celebrate July 4th every year, but who reallyh knows?

The two Americans held onto their titles once again, breaking records in the process. All things considered, it wasn't even a competiton. On the Men's Side, Joey Chestnut ate 75 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, beating his 2018 record of 74. On the women's side, 22-year old Miki Sudo wins again with 48.5 hot dogs and buns down. That beat a 7-year old record set by Sonya Thomas of 45.

In case you're curious, they did the math. Joey Chestnut ate roughly 22,000 calories in that 10 minutes.

This year was a bit different, as the annual event is usually held in front of a crowd on Coney Island. Due to coronavirus, they had to do things a bit different. The field of 15 eaters went down to 5 on each side. It was also held in a private, secret location, with the last person who was able to challenge Chestnut - Matt Stonie - unable to participate due to travel restrictions.