A Missouri Grocery Replaced Their Salad Bar With A Mini Liquor Bottle Bar

By FM 101.9

I've said it before. I'll say it again.

Orlando, Florida is known as an absolute beacon of imagination, innovation, and magic. Somehow, I see us falling short "during these uncertain times" to other cities and states who are stepping up to show they can Florida Man better than us.

First it was Portland and Wyoming with their strip club innovations.  Now, in terms of alcohol-delivery, Missouri has joined the party, making the best of the non-ideal situation. Specifically, one grocery store called Dierbergs in the St. Louis suburb of Manchester saw their self-serve salad bar as a problem during the pandemic and decided to update it to reflect the needs of the people: they made it a mini-liquor bottle bar instead.

The lil' liquor bottles are not alone. They're joined by other essentials like beer, mini cereal boxes, and candy. So basically, everything you need.  The store reports that sales aren't living up to what the salad bar was able to bring in, but it's worth it for the fun.