The NBA Is In Talks To Restart The Season At Walt Disney World

By FM 101.9

It was Thursday, March 12, 2020 when the NBA officially suspended the 2019-2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic. They weren't alone, as all major sporting events and leagues were put on hold including the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, the NHL, and the MLB, who had just begun spring training.

Since day one, the discussions have been centered around how live sports, with or without fans in attendance, could continue. An idea that has been floated by sources in both the MLB and the NBA involves concentrating the entire league and all of the games in/around one or two hub cities. This would have multiple benefits, including a cut down on air travel, and the ability to control the sanitation/cleanliness of hotels, gyms and facilities used by the teams and allow them to act quickly in the event of infection or breakout.

The two cities that often fall at the top of that list are two of the largest entertainment hubs in the country, both hit hard by COVID-19: Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida.

According to recent reports, Orlando (and specifically Walt Disney World) are in serious talks to be the host of the remainder of the NBA season. One source says that Disney expects to be involved in the NBA season in one way or another.

Orlando and WDW World currently have all of the accomodations and facilities necessary and available to host the season. NBA Commisioner Adam Silver is expected to make an announcement regarding the future of the season within the next two-to-four weeks, with many high-profile players and team owners supporting a restart.