A Portland Strip Club Is Now Offering A Drive Thru With Food Service

By FM 101.9

I've been seeing a lot of inspiring and innovative solutions to modern problems in Orlando, but we have been severly lacking in the field of Adult Entertainment. Hell, one of our clubs even burned down

Orlando is supposed to be a city of magic and wonder. Yet Portland is over there getting all of the attention. Of course, they have more strip clubs per-person than any other city in the country, so the odds are better, but it's up to us to step out.

Lucky Devil Club is adult club in Portland that's already famous for introducing "Boober Eats" - a food delivery service where two dancers in small shorts will deliver your chicken tenders. It was praised for keeping their staff employed, with bartenders running the social media, bouncers escorting the dancers, and other creative ways to support them.

Now, as the rules on what we can and can not do out in the world continue to evolve, Lucky Devil Club has evolved too and introduced the country's first Drive Thru Dance and Dinner Pickup service, called "Drive Thru 2 Go-Go".

They put up a tent, complete with lights, DJs and dancers on stage. For $30, you can drive into the tent and get any food item you want while you watch the entertainment (wearing masks) from 6-feet away. Once your food is ready, they'll hand you the bag on a long stick.

There have been lines around the block.