Walt Disney World Requires Mask With "Ear Loops" Or Ties

By FM 101.9

It's a big week for Orlando. Walt Disney World is opening Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom on Saturday, July 11th. EPCOT and Hollywood Studios will follow on the 15th, with a modified International Food & Wine Fest beginning immediately when EPCOT opens. 

As you can imagine, there are plenty of new rules and guidelines in place at the parks in an attempt to protect against Coronavirus, and castmembers have been testing out the new rules all week. 

You will need a reservation to enter the parks, there are hand sanitizer stations everywhere, social distancing will be found in pretty much every possible place, your temperature will be checked at the gate, you will go through touch-less security, and you must wear a mask. If you don't have a mask, they have mask vending machines at the front gate, and you can - of course - purchase special Disney masks in their gift shops.
But Walt Disney World has clarified that when they say masks, they mean that you MUST wear a mask with ear loops or ties. Other types of "face-coverings", including bandanas and "neck gaiters"/face wraps will not be permitted. (I didn't even know they were called "neck gaiters").

This is where my specific complaint comes in. Hi, I'm Matt Malone and I'm a large boy. If you've ever seen me in person, you know that. Try as I might, having ordered about 4 different kinds, I can not find any kind of 'mask' that is made for people like me. They cover my nose, or they cover my mouth, but never both. Maybe they do cover both, as long as I don't open my mouth... because they immediately snap off my chin.

That's why I've been wearing a facewrap, or... "neck gaiter", everywhere I go. Am I doing my part to stop the spread of Coronavirus? Am I going to a rave? Maybe both! But most importantly, it covers everything with no issue. So this new rule at Disney doesn't exactly work out for me.

But it's worth noting, as a 6'8" human being, I am an absolute abomination of nature. Only about 1% of men in the United States are over 6'4", so in my range... it's less than half-of-a-half-of-a-percent, surely. I can't even fit on most of the rides at Disney World because it's downright unreasonable to expect someone like them to make those kind of adjustments for the 50 people in the world that have this complaint.

All of that to say, IF I went to Walt Disney World, I'd find a mask that both fit... and adhered to their rules. Because those are the rules, and that's what you do. You wear a mask. Because you're an adult.