[WATCH] First Teaser For Robert Pattinson As "The Batman"

By FM 101.9
I'll start by making a controversial statement. I think the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy is the best trilogy ever made. Aside from his sometimes over-the-top voice, I thought Christian Bale made a great Batman, too.
Then we got Bat-fleck (Ben Affleck/Batman) and that was eh. So when Robert Pattinson was announced as the next one to wear the suit (with hopefully no nipples), I wasn't too confident. 

It was one of the most hyped movies Pre-COVID, but production got put on hold when Hollywood shut down. Currently, they're scheduled to resume production in the UK next month, but we don't have to wait to get a first look at what Pat-Man looks like. (You like that? Can it stick?) 

They released the first teaser-trailer and... I don't hate it. In fact, I think it looks pretty cool.