Mel's Daily Rundown - A Wedding Crasher, Vomit Fraud, And A Possible Pearl Jam Tour

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- According to News Channel 11, A 37 year old was arrested for crashing a wedding on St. Pete beach this week.  Mark Saunderson allegedly danced, ate, drank, and partied at a hotel reception for complete strangers.  He was arrested for disorderly conduct - not so much for crashing the wedding - more because he played hide and seek with the security guards once they realized he didn't belong there.  

-Virgin Trains USA (formerly Brightline) has announce that construction has started for it's high speed train that will run from Orlando to South Florida, according to Fox13.  Just what we needed - more construction.  We can expect service to start sometime in 2022 and for construction for a rail from orlando to tampa to begin after that.

-While we've heard rumors of new Pearl Jam music and a possible tour this year, the band has come out on a fan board and pretty much put all of those suspicions to rest - it'll be 2020 before we see new stuff. 

-Of Monsters And Men have announced a North American tour in support of their new album, Fever Dream. But don't get too excited because they're not coming down to Florida...bummer.

-Vomit fraud is on the rise - gross but true.  Uber and Lyft riderrs have been reporting that drivers are creating fake pics that show vomit in their car in order to charge the 'cleaning fee' that the ride services have for drunk-ys.  You can protect yourself by snapping a quick pic of the inside of the car before you get out.  Then if they try any funny business you'll be covered.