Bored? Watch A Stuck-At-Home Concert!

Photo credit Getty Images / tommaso79
By FM 101.9

The first two days of working from home are amazing - lots of sleep, wine, and eating through your doomsday stash.  

But then you get bored.  

Apparently so do the artists and bands you love.  So they're "working for home" too and streaming some pretty amazing impromtu performance.  

Here's what's been announced so far this week:

The Black CrowsWhen: 3/23 5am ETLink: YouTube

SOFI TUKKERWhen: 3/23 1pm ETLink: Facebook

Vance JoyWhen: 3/23 6pm ETLink: Instagram

Lisa LoebWhen: 3/25 2pm ETLink: YouTube

I'm sure there's a bunch more this week that I'm missing but since you have so much time on your hands, just follow your favorite artist and there's a good chance you'll stumble upon something epic.