You've Never Seen What?!? Movies From The 90's That Kids Need To See

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Photo credit Frazer Harrison / Staff / Getty Images
By FM 101.9

Last week at our 90's theme happy hour at Bar Louie, a waitress told me that she had never seen Clueless.  What.  Not only does my soul hurt but my mind is blown.  If you know a twenty-something or below person it is your duty to introduce them to some of the best films of last century!  Here's my top ten (ranging from 10 being a movie you totally should have seen by now, 1 being drop everything, leave work, and go rent a VCR now.

10: The Matrix

9: Pulp Fiction

8: Edward Scissorhands

7: Titanic

6: Home Alone

5: Clueless

4: Fight Club

3: Mrs. Doubtfire

2: Happy Gilmore

1: Dumb & Dumber