Fisherman uses karate to fight off bear

What color belt do you have to be to defend yourself from a bear?
Black bear in water
Photo credit Derek Neil / Getty

An elderly Japanese man used his karate training to fight off a bear while he was fishing in a mountain creek.

Atsushi Aoki went fishing, when a black bear decided to attack him unprovoked. He was bitten and scratched multiple times all over his body.

“The bear was so strong, and it knocked me down. It turned me over and bit me...” Aoki said in a Tokyo Broadcasting System interview.

Aoki didn't run, he decided to us his karate training and took a fighting stance. His first move was jabbing the bears eyes, and that sent the animal running off into the woods.

“I though it's either I kill him or he kills me,” he added.

After the bear ran off, he was able to get to his car and drive to a local hospital. He is expected to fully recover.

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