Man created penis shaped running routes raising money for testicular cancer

Being immature for a good cause
Man Running
Photo credit Ranta Images / Getty

A man set out on a mission to raise money for a testicular cancer charity, and he completed that mission by creating wang shaped runs on the 'Couch to 5k' app.

Adam Linsell wanted to get back into shape after Christmas, so he started to run in his own way. That own way was penis shaped.

"I'd seen 'Dick Run Claire' in America and figured I could give it a go. I shared it among my friends on Facebook and it went down a storm." Linsell said.

Adam ran a little and a lot, it just depended on the day. Sometimes he ran 7 km, other times just 4, but he always did so in a phallic shape.

"I've enjoyed getting into running, even in the freezing weather. I'm chuckling to myself as I go along passing people who have no idea what I'm up to! So I uploaded the pics onto Welwyn Garden City Unhinged and they've currently had 4k shares, 3k likes and 2k comments." Linsell added.

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