Mayor Reacts to Glass Exterior Shattered by Hurricane Laura: Building 'Looks Like Swiss Cheese'


Images out of Lake Charles Louisiana show the destruction Hurricane Laura left behind when she made landfall Thursday morning.

Laura was a category 4 hurricane with 150 mph winds when she did her damage. This is a picture of the damage the storm did to the Capital One Tower in Lake Charles.

Hurricane Laura | Live Updates on RADIO.COM

It shows dozens of windows blown out of the 22 story build’s glass façade. Lake Charles mayor Nic Hunter told KPLC the building “looked like swiss cheese.”

A video posted briefly before 2am shows the building being battered by the storm, with powerful blasts of wind blowing debris large and small through the air.

The state is assessing damage by Laura on Thursday morning, after the hurricane made landfall around 1am.

Donald Trump vowed to send assistance to areas impacted by the hurricane, with a Thursday morning White House release announcing that the president is "committed to deploying the full resources of the Federal Government to rescue those in distress."

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