Fans are upset with Ice Cube after working with Trump

Ice Cube
Photo credit Al Bello / Staff
By Hot 103.7

Fans everywhere of Ice Cube were in an uproar after a high-ranking Trump advisor thanked Ice Cube for helping the Trump administration on "The Platinum Plan" via Twitter.

After the tweet went viral Ice Cube's name started to trend because fans were livid with the rapper after almost 3 decades of him expressing his rebellion against the system. 

He also posted a video Sunday, anticipating things would turn out this way stating that he believes no other US president has ever helped Black Americans and the Platinum Plan apparently includes a $500 Billion commitment toward causes like new jobs for the Black community, high policing standards and access to better education. He said, "Everybody can be mad at me, pissed off at me, but hey, y’all know what it is."

The video helped very little being that fans felt they have been betrayed by their favorite rapper.