Missouri was the most stressed-out state in 2020, survey says

By NewsRadio 1120 KMOX

(KMOX) - Missouri residents worried about things like money, politics and the COVID-19 pandemic more than anyone else in the country, according to a new survey.

People in the Show-Me state spend three hours and 18 minutes per day worrying due to stress, which was the most of all U.S. states. Missouri barely edged out Mississippi and West Virginia, whose resident worried for about three hours and 12 minutes, and three hours and six minutes, per day, respectively. Illinois was tied for No. 25.

The survey included 250 people from each state and found 72% of Americans surveyed believe 2020 is the most stressful year they’ve lived through, and 57% are more stressed now than they ever have been before.

And most think that worrying is here to stay. The average person felt their stress and anxiety levels will not go back to normal for almost six months.

But there is some good news, as 48% of respondents have learned new ways to cope with managing stress and anxiety this year and 43% believe they’re now better equipped to handle stressful situations. What helped the most were physical exercise, watching mindless TV shows and movies, reading and taking breaks from work throughout the day.

OnePoll conducted the survey on behalf of Natrol Relaxia, a supplement designed help people relax. Here's the full top-10 worrying states:

1. Missouri
2. Mississippi
3. West Virginia
4. Georgia (tied 4–6)
5. Louisiana (tied 4–6)
6. Vermont (tied 4–6)
7. Alabama (tied 7–12)
8. Alaska (tied 7–12)
9. Colorado (tied 7–12)
10. Hawaii (tied 7-12)

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