Black History Month Spotlight: Martin Luther King Jr.

Photo credit (Photo by William H. Alden/Evening Standard/Getty Images)
By HOT 93.7

HOT 93.7, Entercom Hartford, and Price Chopper & Market 32 are celebrating moments of Black excellence all this February for Black History Month. And we're shining the spotlight on activist Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr was an African-American clergyman who advocated social change through non-violent means. His writings and public appearances shaped the American Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. A powerful speaker and a man of great spiritual strength, he became the public face of Civil Rights. In 1963 (the 100th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation), King organized a march on Washington, DC that drew 200,000 people demanding equal rights for minorities. In 1964, King won the Nobel Peace Prize, becoming at the time the youngest recipient ever. He was shot to death by James Early Ray in 1968 while visiting Memphis, Tennessee.

Join us in celebrating Black History Month this month, and every day of the year. Brought to you by Price Chopper Market 32... we're not just in your neighborhood, we're your neighbors... and HOT 93.7.

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