Learning & Taking Positive Actions in ATX.UT Austin's Diversity game plan honors 2 Heisman winners!

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What will it take to make a positive impact in the ATX community towards racial justice? There are many answers that include learning, communicating, understanding and respecting the differences and similarities we all have. By discovering so many helpful resources for creating positive changes with productive actions. Supporting local Black-owned businesses, volunteering and donating to organizations and causes that will help our community unite. Taking action for Social Justice!  

UT Austin creating a more welcoming & diverse campus. Here's their game plan that includes:  (7/13/20)

  • Erect a statue for Julius Whittier
  • Rename Joe Jamail Field at the stadium in honor of Texas’ two great Heisman Trophy winners, Earl Campbell and Ricky Williams
  • Own, acknowledge and teach about all aspects of the origins of “The Eyes of Texas” with a redefined vision to unite.
  • More here

Read more from Interim President @JCHartzell: https://t.co/ylSMMC8Bp9

— UT Austin (@UTAustin) July 13, 2020  

Black Lives Matter on Fifth Avenue happened in NYC 7/09/20

“There is no America without Black America.”– @NYCMayor#BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/BSYh7XrLJS

— NYC Mayor's Office (@NYCMayorsOffice) July 9, 2020  

Look what's appeared on Congress Ave. leading to the capitol in ATX this morning #BlackAustinMatters Tuesday , June 16, 2020

The "Black Austin Matters" street mural is nearing completion on Congress Avenue in downtown #Austin.This is being painted between 6th & 9th Streets. @KXAN_News pic.twitter.com/JP9sp1hmO5

— Will DuPree (@willrdupree) June 16, 2020  

Dr. Michael Drake became the first Black leader in the system’s 150-year history this week (7/06/20) in California.

The Univ. of California system names Dr. Michael Drake as its first Black president in its 150-year history. https://t.co/GOm6unz2WW - @NBCBLK

— NBC News (@NBCNews) July 9, 2020

Keep Austin Black app created by UT student Earl Potts Jr. to support Black-owned businesses providing a directory to help others support the community.  Google Play store and in beta for iOS  (Fox 7 Austin) 

Kids, Race and Unity: A Nick News Town Hall Special with Alicia Keys. Opens up for kids about the importance of speaking up and holding people accountable - especially when something is offensive. A must watch for all. 


ATX Chris Rogers Artist: "I guess it was about a week ago, there was this 51-year-old white woman, dressed to the nines, conservative. She came over here to Native Hostel to have a drink with her husband and she came and sat down next to me at the curb… and she opened up the conversation by communicating to me that she felt bad because up until a few weeks ago she truly believed that Colin Kaepernick was protesting the flag and the troops. Did my eyebrows go up or did I lash out at her or make her feel uncomfortable in any way? No, I just listened. I just listened and she opened up and she let me speak and she listened, and by the end of the conversation I could tell she was smiling and I asked her, I was like, ‘how are you feeling right now?’ She said, ‘I feel pretty good,’ and I was like, ‘Can you imagine if just a fraction of people around the world had conversations just like this on a regular basis?’ The tidal wave of change that would happen for the better." #BLM #equality #unity #enough #chrisrogersart #mural #atx @ Native Hostel"  

Queen & Slim Written by Emmy-winning writer Lena Waithe. Directed by Melina Matsoukas. Starring  Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out / Oscar nominee) as Slim, and Jodie Turner-Smith (first feature film) as Queen. Queen & Slim is a story that's taken from reality. A reality that will continue to happen, until there is #SocialJustice for ALL. A line to remember 'Can I be your Legacy?'  Heather's Review


Beautiful Black-Owned Sustainable and Ethical African Brands featuring eco-conscious designs made to Unify. African fashion has a rich heritage that includes handweaving, embroidery, spinning, embellishment and so much more. It's inspired by the beauty of the continent of Africa and all it's natural resources. Many Black-owned brands showcase African eco-conscious designs that are both sustainable and ethical. Allowing them to be enjoyed and worn by all. Made to Unify people with their environment. #1Thing

Only two weeks after 12yr Keedron Bryant's video went viral racking up millions of views, the young Gospel singer has officially signed a deal with Warner Records for the song's official release. Click here for lots more! 

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#ITakeResponsibility Julianne Moore, Kristen Bell, Justin Theroux, Stanley Tucci, and Sarah Paulson among celebrities included in "I Take Responsibility" video to stand against racism: No matter the circumstance, racism needs to be called out.... Take the Pledge

Change.org’s Justice Now includes local petitions, dozens of high profile racial justice campaigns.

Here are some resources with ways you can 'Educate Yourself ... to take Positive and Productive Action!'


Educate /Help / Learn



— Pineapple Street (@pineapplemedia) June 4, 2020  

DO512 Resource Guide to Creating Change in Austin

Eater Austin: A Roundup of Guides to the Austin Area’s Black-Owned Restaurants All the lists, guides, and apps to help you figure out where to lend your support by dining out
Uber Eats is waiving delivery fees on all orders from Black-owned restaurants through the end of 2020. The company's CEO Dara Khosrowshahi announced in an email to customers on Thursday. The app will provide a prompt to easily navigate over to a list of available Black-owned restaurants in your area.
Featured Musician: Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears (blues, funk, soul)