14 easy 1Things to do at home

Thanks to Entercom ATX's Green Team Players
14 1 Things to do at home

1Thing is an Entercom Initiative of doing 1 thing to help the environment in which we all live. With Austin's goal for Zero Waste by 2040, each 1Thing is a Big Win!  A few days ago the Entercom ATX Green Team was given the opportunity to turn in a photo of '1Thing to do at Home'. They would also get into a drawing for a chance to win yummy treats. Each team player's 1Thing is something we can all easily do at home. Give it a try with your family. Add a chance to get a sweet treat for more 1Thing Fun! Find Your 1Thing!

1. "My 1Thing is dropping my home sprinklers to 25% of what I used to use. Not only am I saving water, but I'm saving money ... WIN WIN!! - Alex / BAS Mix Morning Show 6a-10a

Alex 1Thing

2. "Always be recycling" - Bob M. / Entercom ATX SVP / Market Manager

Bob Ms 1Thing

3. "I recycled my old beer cans and turned them into a bar." - Bob W. / Entercom ATX General Sales Manager

Bob's Bar 1 Thing

4. "Our garden at home, that's beautiful in the summer, gets nurished with grass clippings, fruit scraps, etc. to make our compost for our garden. It also keeps things out of the trash and recycling. We recycle all we can." - Darci / Entercom ATX Account Executive

darci's garden 1Thing

5. "I'm avoiding the single use plastic bags and containers, and go for the wash and reusable options. 1 Thing to help stop single use plastic waste. A Green Win that saves Green too! Big Win Wins! " - Heather Rivera / Middays 10a-3p Mix 94.7 

Heather's reusable 1Thing

6. "My thermostat at home is set at 68 degrees. Saving energy and money. 1Thing Win" - John / Majic 95.5 

John's Thermostat 1Thing

7. "I recycle boxes I get from Trader Joe's when I buy my fizzy waters. It's not all wine." - Juliet / Majic 95.5 Afternoons 12p-6p

Juliet's boxes 1Thing

8. "At my mom's we keep boxes that things come in for re-use to send things or store things, even Christmas gift boxes to be used again. Also do all the regular recycling of plastic, glass, paper, with the inside recycle bin and outside big recycle trash can." - Kathryn / Entercom ATX Account Executive

Kathryn's boxes 1Thing

9. "It’s a family affair around our household doing yard work weekly! My little one (she is 2 1/2) loves it and loves to help out!! We probably put yard bags out weekly because of the amount of leaves we have and how fast our grass grows!! Enjoy!" - Natalie / Entercom ATX Account Executive

Natalie's family yard work 1Thing

10. "1Thing at home - I repurpose shoe boxes to organize stuff."- Nikki / Entercom ATX Program Director

Nikki's shoe boxes 1Thing

11. "Drop those plastics and pick up a glass water bottle!" - Orphan / Nights 7p-10p MIx 94.7

Orphan's water bottle 1Thing

12. "We don’t get water bottles...instead we use yeti" - Sara / BAS Mix Morning Show 6a-10a


13. "Here's my 1Thing - Our new indoor quarantine garden." - Sean Mack / Afternoons 3p-7p Mix 94.7

Sean's home garden 1Thing

14. "I don't buy or use plastic water bottles since getting this recycled glass bottle." - Sheryl / Majic 95.5 Mornings 6a-12p

Sheryl's water bottle 1 Thing

Try doing 1Thing at home, and stick to it. Add some sweet treats to the fun. Sara won the 1Thing to do at Home drawing and got $25 Starbucks & Mighty Fine Burgers e-gcs. You Go Girl! Find your 1Thing!