Rayshard Brooks 911 Call Released by Atlanta Police

By News-Talk 1380 WAOK

Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed by police officers in Atlanta Friday while attempting to flee a DUI arrest on foot.

TMZ released the audio from 911 call that led to Brooks' fatal encounter with  officers at that Wendy's restaurant. 

During the call, a Wendy's employee says that a man who was later identified as Brooks was parked in the drive thru line and appeared to be sleeping. 

The employee told the operator that Brooks seemed intoxicated. 

Police were dispatched to the Wendy's where body cam footage, that has now gone viral, showed the Atlanta man being cordial with police and offering to walk home before being given an breathalyzer. After taking the test, officers attempted to arrest Brooks who struggled with police, grabbed one of the officers tasers and attempted to run. One officer fired at Brooks and reportedly hit him twice.

The shooting led to protestors at that Wendy’s and during the demonstration, someone set fire to to the restaurant.

A $10,000 reward has been posted by Atlanta crimestoppers for anyone with information on the person who started the fire. ​

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