New monolith of unknown origin appears in California

By KCBS All News 106.9FM and 740AM

Just as a mysterious monolith in a remote part of Utah captured the imagination of social media users worldwide, a new monolith is garnering similar attention in central California.

This one’s in San Luis Obispo County, at the top of the Pine Mountain loop in Atascadero’s Stadium Park. As reported by the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the "sudden appearance of a metallic monolith on a California hillside" caught many by surprise.

Like the Utah monolith, no one is sure where this one came from either.

Atascadero Land Preservation Society President Mike Orvis told the paper "his organization does not have any information on the monolith, including when it appeared or who is responsible for erecting it."

The city is aware of the monolith and is similarly stumped.

In Utah, mystery continues to surround the fate of the monolith there. According to the Bureau of Land Management, was "removed by an unknown party" shortly after its discovery.

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