WATCH: Dog reunited with family after 11 months on the loose


After nearly an entire year on the streets of Chicago, a dog that ran away from home has been reunited with her owner.

According to dog owner Kelly Shade, the black and white pit bull went missing last December when a visitor left their door open. Despite the use of posters, calling shelters, and posting to the internet, the dog could not be found, UPI reports.

Nearby Polly Ellison noticed the pooch a few times, but said the pup was too scared to be approached by humans. Slowly, Ellison gained the dog's trust by leaving food for her with the help of dog rescuer Katie Campbell.

The duo was eventually able to capture the dog when she was scanned for a microchip and brought back to Shade.

Meanwhile, amid the coronavirus pandemic and with the holidays looming, animal shelters across the country are urging those looking for a pet to "adopt, don't shop."

"There are still people who unfortunately who don't think about a shelter first when they think about getting an animal," said Pennsylvania SPCA spokesperson Gillian Kocher.

"What we find with families is if they come into a shelter environment and meet the animals that we have here, they're going to fall in love," she continued.

Due to the pandemic, many adoption centers are upholding appointment-only structures to the process. Kocher also stressed the importance of making sure the entire household is on board for pet ownership before committing.

"Sometimes a person surprised with a puppy as a holiday gift may not be up for the commitment of caring for one. The pup could end in a shelter," said Kocher.

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